Vizcon3d specialises in 3D visualisations and renderings for interiors.
We take a sketch on paper and bring it to life. In working closely with you, we elaborate on your design or concept, the goal of which is to create the most attractive image possible, and to present this as optimally as we can.
The added value of 3D visualisations lies in the extremely realistic lighting and use of materials, and the creation of depth and the right ambiance. This is why all renderings look so lifelike.
Since no two subjects are alike, each project demands a special approach, customised to your needs and preferences.
Since pictures are much more convincing than words, we would like to refer you to our portfolio, were you can view a selection of our completed projects.

We can offer you the following services:
– measurements of existing buildings, homes, etc..
– building 3D models based on sketches you provide.
– expanding on a 2D plan to include cross-sections
– simple wire models to supplement your 2D plans.
– wire models with lighting
– highly-detailed models using true-to-life materials
There are 3D visualisations for every budget. The renderings are determined by the available budget. Using simple techniques, a photo-realistic result may be obtained, without the need to sacrifice a single bit of quality.


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