Remove NoteTracks from 3Ds Max Scenes

Recently, I have been struggling with some weird issues with 3Ds Max, mainly some stupidly long load and save times on very small files.
The other problem was that 3Ds Max would not close properly, and I would have to kill 3Ds Max via the Task Manager, not ideal at all!
If you having this same problem, go and visit ARD DIGITAL, there you can find the answer! I have tested and it works perfect!

100 Followers Giveaway winner!

100 Followers Giveaway is now CLOSED!
I’m so excited that my blog has reached 100 followers (well, actually it’s over 100 now)! Pretty awesome!
Now heading for 200!
The winner of this Giveaway is Wannes Vanspranghe, Congrats!
The model Marcel Breuer’s 1929 S35 armchair and the S35H will be send by email today.