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House Roces by Govaert & Vanhoutte architectuurburo in Bruges, Belgium.
Belgian Govaert & Vanhoutte Architects‘ project Villa Roces in Bruges (Belgium)  was awarded as the “Leaf Award 2012” Residential Building of the Year (single occupancy)”.
I was so overwelmed by this minimal design residence that I decided to model this house in 3d. The only remark I can give, is the interior, so I will try to give this a personal touch.
So here are some WIP pictures:
cam noord muur venster ARCH VIZ WORLD NOMINEEMonday 19/11/2012:New updates:
Monday 26/11/2012:New updates:

Monday 10/12/2012:New updates:
CAM 002 LIVING WINTERnow winter has arrived!!

That’s it for the moment, more pictures in the next few days! Thanks for watching.


WIP “House L”
I would like to present my latest personal work, “House L”, a single family house.
Based on several references founded on the net and magazines, I started some month’s ago with this House.
The house design articulates the house’s every-day program in a single level.
The lower level directs the observer toward the Central Patio, open at the center of the second level volume and creating the entrance to the large open terrace through the staircase.
This roof terrace relates to the lower level through circular perforations in the floor/ceiling contributing light. To achieve that subtle dramatic light (volumetric light) I already made a tutorial which you can find here!
I started with courtyard, living room. Next to come, bedroom, bathroom etc…
The mean goal is to make visualization of the interior and exterior.
More in the next few weeks, don’t hesitate to give me some advice or comments.
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Click on image for larger size!


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